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Comics Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I know it's been awhile, but I wanted to say things about a few of the ones I read this week.

Wonder Woman #219
Yes, I read the Superman titles, too. And I did love how they did the covers. This was a powerful story all by itself, and that ending - yes. She's a warrior. She makes hard choices and acts on them, living with the consequences of them. And I think - I think Max was telling her what she had to do. I tried to read the OMAC issue and I get some of it - I love that Sasha's there- but I've not been keeping up.

Legion of Superheroes #8
As the Brainy/Cos thing comes to a head and the UP collapses - more character development, more plot movement and a generally good book.

I did think that Brainy was some sort of decoy meant to fool Cos, though.

The Flash #224
Wow. Everyone showed up, including, I think, Bart's mother. Which kinda took away from the surprise ending - it would have been disappointing if it hadn't happened. Also, everyone else has gotten better - Ollie and Hal, especially. So, you know.

JLA Classified #10
I like the begiining of this mini - just everyday life except something awful is on the way. It's set a couple of years ago, too, which makes it interesting.

But I got distracted over something completely trivial. Lois Lane's clothing. Four pages in. Clark and Lois are at the scene of a suicide. Clark is in a dark suit he borrowed from Bruce , looking nicely professional. Lois is wearing a midriff blouse, stretch pants and flipflops. This might be how she'd dress on a day off, but if Clark's in a suit, it's clearly not.

I'd expect her in sexy professional - a mini-skirt suit or tight pantsuit with a close fitting jacket over a lowcut blouse or no blouse at all. (Okay, in the real world, she probably be more modest, but I get this is a comic book.) And she'd have on real shoes, too. This is wrong.

JLA /Cyberforce #1
This was how a crossover should be done. I don't know Cyberforce and have never seen these characters before, but I knew them by the end of this book - and so did the JLA. I was concerned about them. I liked them. Recommended.

Neverwhere #2 was as creepy as it should have been - he woke up as a nonperson.

I'm just not bothered that Batman: Dark Detective is over. I liked the main plot with the Joker running for governer (I mean, if Lex could be president...), but the romance subplot left me cold. And then he so nobly gave her up. Not getting the trade paperback.

I did like The Outsiders #26, partially because I wasn't reading comics during the original group's run. It was fun.

I'm sort of mixed about The Dark Age #2. On the one
hand, it's Astro City! It's Kurt Busiek! So why is it so hard to follow, and why doesn't seem like it's going anywhere?

As for World's FinestSuperman/Batman #21, I like Batzarro - I like that his brain is connected directly to his vocal chords.
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