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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

We've become friends with a younger couple in our synagogue. Sort of. He's in his thirties and while not a Fan, definitely has a fannish mind. He reads Pratchett and comics and can talk movies and gets (and makes) the bad jokes. He also reads Anthony, but tastes are tastes, you know?

She's...very sweet. And not stupid. And a wonderful cook. But. All the books were his. All the movies were his. All the games were his. We played Fluxx this afternoon at their house, and she...left to take care of the baby, and let her husband finish the game. It was his first time playing Fluxx, too. (Fluxx, for those who don't know, is a card game where the rules change as you play it. It's lots of fun.) And - she didn't get the jokes.

I remember having a conversation with her when they came to us for a Shabbos lunch. And she was confused when I said I didn't wear make-up because I was too lazy to do that. And I'm not sure why.

Most of my friends, both RL and here, are fannish and/or very bright. I can do more than talk about recipes.

And she isn't stupid. But I can't connect with her at all.


Well if you can't connect with someone you just can't. But I made friends with a woman in my community who didn't do any of the same things I did (well, I wasn't so into fandom then, but I read books and she only read religious books...) But when I needed help she was there for me, in a big way. And I really loved her.

Of course now I left the community and part of was that no one could relate to what I'm into now, but that's not what you're saying either.

Sorry if I'm rambling. The make-up thing is hard, I never wore it either.

I used to pack it on with a trowel, actually, but I got much better.

And then I stopped.

She's a lovely person. I need to be able to relate to normal people better.