Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


My job consists of several things:
1. I answer the phone
2. I deal with customers as they walk in or phone.
3. I keep the website updated with new listings, photographs and so on, and I update old listings as required and I am informed. I do the same for MLS and for the do-not-call list.
4. I take the occasional new rental listing as an office listing.
5. I distribute and record on paper new listings.
6. I keep track of supplies and order when necessary.
7. I keep track of the agents.
8. I type the occasional letter or retype a form if asked.
9. I notarize when asked.
10. I keep track of the keys.
11. I deal with the mail.

Sounds like a lot, right? It isn't. The phone rings when it rings, and customers walk in when they walk in. Lately, we've been getting four, maybe five listings a day at most. A listing takes me ten minutes to process. Maybe. If it's not in the system already, in which case it takes me five. Entering and removing a key is also a quick job. Mail takes five minutes.

Everything else is occasional - at most once a week, usually less often. I'm spending a lot of time surfing the web, which is understandably irritating my employers. And I take very short lunch breaks. I just spent twenty minutes printing out labels for a different office.

They want *me* to come up with more things I can do. I'm lazy, but I'm not averse. Websurfing gets boring *fast*.

And I'm completely out of inspiration. A lot of you work in small offices. Any ideas?

(We outsource the book-keeping. The Th-Fri person does the filing, although I'd be happy enough to do it. That would take 30 minutes tops. The Sat-Sun person does the window ads, although I've done that,too. I already keep track of forms.)

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