Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Random notes

The cleaning person was late. She's currently coating my kitchen in bleach.

My husband was sewing a button on to his pants. I asked him why he didn't ask me. "Because I can do it myself." The pants are khaki. The button is khaki. The thread he's using? Green. Why? "There is no khaki thread, so I thought I'd use a random color, and you have a lot of green. No one's going to see it, anyway."

This, folks, is why I love him. It's just the way his mind works.

That "do you read me thread" produced a couple of interesting results.

My friending policy, see, goes like this. I friend people for a variety of reasons. RL friends and acquaintances. People I know from other parts of fandom (IRC and mailing lists). People I've seen on friend's comments, or in LJ communities, or from journals like daily_snitch - if I find myself looking for a reference to a post by someone, or always clicking on links to their journal, and especially if I'm always commenting, I will friend them. Finally, if someone friends me, I'll probably friend them back, unless it's a quiz/meme only journal.

I rarely defriend - partially, I think it's that loaded term. Partially it's that I like having lots to read.

If I am not friended back -shrug. Just because I want to read somone doesn't mean they want to read me. And I have friended people with HUGE friendsof lists - I expect them to be picky. If I am defriended, it might bother me for a moment, but it's their friendspage, and I get over it. I may or may not defriend them - it's not automatic. If I friended them because they were interesting and I still find them so, nothing has changed.

The point of friending, to me, is to read good stuff. If this includes actual friends, or creates actual friends, that's a major, major bonus. I really think a change in terminology would be a good thing.

So, I was amazed, and yes, delighted, when I found that some folks I didn't suspect (not because of lack of comments but because of size of flists) read me did. Thank you.

I was looking at the ithurtsmybrain list, and realized I just don't watch enough tv/anime/movies. I can't write 90% of the stories. But they'll be fun to read.

(Um. It's August, so it's a ways away. Would it be totally hypocritical if I said that, despite earlier protests, I'm thinking about doing the Yuletide thing? I still *hate* the name, mind you, but it always looks like such fun.)
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