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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Three hours. She just spent three hours in my kitchen. Which is gorgeous now.

And she's moved to my bathroom now.

In terms of housekeeping - I lose.

ETA: Bathroom is now glowing. And, yeah. I win. And she wins because I paid her for her time and effort. I don't need to see dirt.


Nuh-uh. You win. You have a gorgeous kitchen now.

Yes. You are able to have someone else do that work for you and you get the benefits; how is that losing?

What Ailsa said. BTW, we should do lunch one day. It's been too darned long. And yes, Marc emailed me re the housefilk, and I have set aside the time, but still......lunch. Maybe with knitting and/or spinning.

We'll have to figure out when. The way my schedule is, that'll mean...late August.

Nope. You win.

And after she gets past these first few visits, it will all be maintenance.

It...I thought it was clean, you know?

I'm sure you beat her as a writer, and unfortunately, if this is how she earns her living, she's probably not that smart, or she just hasn't learned English very well yet.

My lady didn't show up again. I think she must have found a higher paying job.

I know. I know all of that.

It's just. She cleaned things I didn't think were dirty except. They were.

I really don't see this stuff.

fortunately, it's not a contest. :-)

What everyone else is saying: "This is a closed track with a professional driver. Do not try this at home." That's why there ARE professionals at various things; if there weren't, and we were all generalists with superior ability, well...

I wish we could afford to bring someone in. But we're lightyears even from that point. So.

Birthday present? That's what I'm pushing for.

Gotta love professionals. :)

Not a contest.

The lceaner is traine dto clean things in a specific manner; you are ot. But now you can see what needs to be done, and maintain your home.

ooo send her my way.

It's a win-win, I think. She is a professional and therefore will clean know how to clean things better and more efficiently than you. And, it is her job to make it clean for you. So, you win in that you don't have to do that stuff anymore. She wins in that you pay her, appreciate what a good job she is doing (there are people who wouldn't even notice), and will undoubtedly give her a good job referral, if she were ever to need it, which will allow her to continue to earn a living this way. See, winners all around!

You'd have to be blind not to notice the difference.

However, I can see people not *saying* so. I don't understand those people. When a job is done well, it deserves praise. Money is good; money is important. But praise is also important. When I go to a restaurant and I enjoy the food, I make a point of saying so. The cook will not get any more money out of it, but that doesn't matter.

I think having a housekeeper was a great decision for you.

But believe me, these things can be learned, also. I used to be terrible at housekeeping, really terrible, to the point that I got cited by the apartment manager, but I do pretty well now on my own.

I thought I could do decently. The house isn't this clean for Passover.