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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Happy Birthday, bethbethbeth and pewtergryphon!

eta: Happy EARLY birthday to both of you. Um. Want a story in apology?


pssst -- Beth's is tomorrow

but tomorrow is saturday, and mama won't be online then. :-)

Yes, yes, that's it.

Of course. That was my plan all along. Yes.


Hee! I'll happily accept early birthday wishes (and seriously, there seems to be a lot of that Semagic confusion going around this morning. *g*). Thank you, my dear!

But if you really *want* to write a birthday story, oh yeah...bring it on, baby!


Hmmm. Maybe something different...

Something with Albus's portrait?

15 year old Eileen Prince?

(or if you're genned out, then Snape/anybody-but-Grawp-or-Kreacher, maybe the night *before* Albus and Harry go to the cave)

::rubs hands together::

Still living in AU land when it comes to Dumbledore.

But Eileen Prince...hmmm.

She's just the right age...

Eep. Must edit. It's what Semagic told me.

Glares at Semagic. Remembers belatedly that Semagic tells tomorrow's bdays, too.

Ah, well.

Just got back from a trip to San Francisco.

Yes, thank you, I'd love a story! Maybe a sequel to last year's? :)