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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Yep, Bored

I haven't had time to even suggest the suggestions you lovely people gave me. The website is down, so I can't enter listings.

Anyone want a story?

Anyone want to rec me a long one?

Anyone want a rant?


you are always free to write me a story, mama. :-) and, at the risk of appearing Incredibly Tacky, allow me to encourage you to read The Deep Dust of Years (@25K words) if you haven't already. :-)

If you're in a mood to write, I'd love something Hermione-centric post-HBP. After all, she more-or-less agreed to put her final year of schooling on hold for Harry, that's gotta be preying upon her.

Either that, or Weasley-Delacour wedding fluff.

[I've been trying to wrestle down HBP plot bunnies and they all seem to be evading my attempts at the moment...]

Hermione story written. Spellbooks.

Mmmmm, if you want to write, feel like writing some West Wing? Jed/Leo circa Bartlet for America, like Jed watching the trial coverage and thinking about Leo? Or Sam/Josh In the Shadow of Two Gunmen angsty goodness? *big puppy eyes*

Make the doctor and the State of Nevada call me back. Because I've got nothing to do too. Well, I could go do proformas I guess. Boring!

Woot! Right after I hit send, the S o N called me back. Hehe. And my proforma order is for a book we don't have any more. Crazy!

Check out Art Removers, a very different P&P fanfic.

How about a short slash that's really strange, like Hawkeye/Burns from MASH, or Klinger/Winchester?

Two recs for you, neither particularly worksafe:


I'd love a Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy story, if you're so inclined.