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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

What does this mean?


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

ZOMG is a bastardization of the Internet shorthand term for 'Oh My God', OMG. The term is commonly used to express humorously overwrought excitement and as a way of mocking internet slang as a whole. It has appeared on various websites and message boards, often associated with a 'witty' remark or trolling, and was spotted in use as early as 1996. It is reasonably widespread today in the online anime and gaming communities, and is often used in its more ironic sense on internet pop-culture forums such as Fark.

Because it is a form of written slang and is not commonly used in oral conversation, there is no standard pronunciation. Attempts to pronounce it include /zɑmdʒ/, /zɑmgə/, /zoʊ ɛm dʒiː/, /zɑmdʒiː/, /ziː~zɛd oʊ ɛm dʒiː/, /ziː~zɛd oʊ maɪ gɑd/, or /zoʊ maɪ gɑd/.


ZOMG is often followed by some variation of LOL or by an excessive series of exclamation points trailing into a numerical '1', a joke implying that the user has held down the 'shift' and '1' keys to enter the exclamation marks but through lack of typing skill let go of the shift before the 1 key. A further joke on this is to enter several '1's followed by typing 'one', i.e., "ZOMG!!!!!!1111one". In each case, the implication is that the overexhuberant user of over-the-top internet slang lacks the wherewithal to type correctly.

In gaming communities, ZOMG is often followed by hax, and cries of ZOMG hax! and the like may be heard when a player does anything especially impressive, implying (ironically or otherwise) that the player must be hacking the game to do so well.



Why didn't I think of that? Or just googling? I have pretty decent google-fu...

Because it's just too damn trivial to be googleable?

And I think I spent far too long at Ask Jeeves. My eyes glaze over and I start typing...

Typed in zomg.

Took me right to wikipedia.


Also kin to OMGWTFBBQ.