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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Got my Worst Case Scenario Assignment

It's this.

Or, to be precise, this.

I see much Jim/Blairness.


Or maybe Fraser.

I can do both. Fraser would love to do that.

Though I think for them jumping out of moving cars only counts as a worst case scenario if it's exploding, or maybe a moving car that's hanging from a helicopter, or something like that... ;)

Your point being? :)

What a concept!

I love it! I wish I'd known about it. What do you get if you win?

Re: What a concept!

It's just a writing challenge - ways to get story ideas and have fun.

The "how to jump from a moving car" forgot one very important instruction...

Unbuckle and Remove the Seat Belt!

I'm surviving an earthquake. Have fun!

Oh, dang, I wish I had known about that! But I've been in too many fanfic challenges lately I suppose. (the "bad cliche" challenge, yaoi challenge, yuri challenge, het challenge...)

Besides it was probably a TV/live-action fandom thing, huh...