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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

It's office and bedroom day.

Office is neat. She's cleaning under the beds now. We haven't done that in..well, I sold under the beds last Pesach, okay? :)

And this time, I don't feel guilty. I feel...it still looks good. I'm keeping after things.

And I'm going away next week (yeah, I'm on VACATION now) but the week after, she can just do maintance, as estherchaya says. And so I can concentrate on cooking when the holidays roll around.


It'll be awesome. I promise.

I so believe you now.


Come up. See it.

reading friends' lj: normal morning.
finding out a friend of yours knows someone who is married to a friend of yours: slightly odd.
putting the pieces together and realizing that sethcohen is in the wedding party and thus you and estherchaya will both be at the wedding and just made seating a lot easier...priceless. :D

FYI, we also know Ian & Alida, mscongeniality & family, marag & family... and probably others. Nice to hear that mamadeb will be there. I had no idea.

Can you pick us up at the train station, then?

probably. When are you coming in? And, um, can blueraccoon get me decent directions to/from the train station?

depends on the train; I should be able to, however. If I can't, I can find someone who *can*. And yep, we've got your table mostly figured out--we just hadn't known that you and mamadeb knew each other, which is really, really cool :)

Yeah, I need to make it up to New York soon. I want to go shopping. AND I want to go EATING.

Our futon is available.

excellent. I'd been originally thinking about just coming up for a Sunday, but haven't found a reasonable Sunday yet. Maybe in the wintertime I can find a shabbos to head up there or something and head home Sunday evening. I dunno. I'll figure it out.