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Comics June 10, 2005

Huh. All DC main universe this time.

Batman #643
Fake Bats had the gold shield around the BatEmblem on his shirt. And, yeah, I'm glad we're getting some idea about Stephanie's death.

And I want her uniform under glass, just like Jason's. Because she was Robin, at least for a time.

Meanwhile, killing Joker? Not the worst idea, really, for Gotham if not for DC.

Nightwing #111
I miss his crutch, a little. It was nice seeing consequences. And there real consequences here - his new family being killed or taken like that. Oh, Sophia has her crush on Dick (and who could blame her? My goodness. I liked this issue a lot.

But, um, isn't Deathstroke playing with Lex these days?

Green Arrow #53
Nice standalone issue. And, yeah, Ollie can restrain himself even from pretty young women, but he'll never get any credit for it. And even brilliant scientists can and do get confused when it comes to great-grandparents (although doesn't that mean that Solomon basically abandoned a family? Not on purpose, grant you, but he had at least one child at that point.

Well-written and fun. I hope to see more from this writer, even though I know Winick's back in the next book.

JLA #117
Still dealing with Identity Crisis. So it makes sense that Wally is at the heart of it, and that Ralph is there. This is, what, the fourth major villain group to pop up? We have the Rogues, we have the Secret Society, we have the Six and we have Luthor's little gang. Plus, you know, Jean Loring and the Spectre, who are a group all to themselves. And they all know who Our Heroes are.

And the Heroes don't trust each other. Watch Supes try to opt out, too. This is already ugly. I don't know whether this is will be good or bad. Given DC's track record - ack.

Villains United #4
Speaking of Lex's little's amazing how much I'm on the side of the Six right now. And I know I normally don't do this in these minireviews goodness, how adorable is the whole Parademon/Ragdoll thing? I don't know if it's reciprocated or anything, but Parademon is just the cutest thing in love - for definitions of cute that includes homicidal violence, I mean.

And Deadshot/Catman? Please. They've been bonding since the second book, over omelettes. And there's no way Gail Simone wouldn't think of this. Cheshire? Yeah, right. She's scarier than Bats.

BTW - House of Secrets? Cain, is it? Or Abel?

And on a very shallow note: Lex is still very guh and Rosenblumlike. And the Six got the sane ones who aren't Rogues.

Outsiders #27
I hate to say it, but these people? Much, much cooler than the current crop. And Katana is scary. Very scary.

And I got a definite Kingdom vibe here. It's getting violent again, folks. It may have been the best or even the only solution, but it still isn't happy making.

And my goodness, what does it take to do what Deborah did? Any of what Deborah did? That's scary and bad, but there's a hero in there, too.

Supergirl #1
At least she doesn't have Power Girl sized, um, bras. She looks like a normal girl, more or less. And that she's supposed to be Clark's babysitter - :) I like her bonding with Courtney, and I'm kinda sad about the Power Girl thing. Although, you know. Karen's an adult. Maybe she'd due to be called Power Woman? I'm just saying - because the women in the JSA are Something Girl and it rankles just a tad. Except Black Canary, of course, but she's not a member now, is she? She's purely a Bird, right?

I also read Rann-Thanagar War #4, but honestly? I'm not following it well. I really don't know Captain Comet, except it seems his shirt is very, very red.
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