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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Waiting is

Last week, my cleaning person thought she'd smelled gas, but all I could smell was cleaning fluid and bleach.

Since then, I've thought I'd smelled something near my stove, but I couldn't be sure. Last night, I was sure. This morning (even though Jonathan didn't think he could smell anything) I called the gas company and they sent someone over.

The flexihose at the back of the stove needs to be replaced. And he shut off the gas. Now I'm waiting for repairman (eta: 2-5PM). I can't do a thing about Shabbat dinner until he shows up. And until my groceries are delivered, which they haven't been.


ETA: groceries have arrived.

ETA 2: I have to add - the kitchen is very well vented. We keep an exhaust fan running in the window all summer long. Even when the gas company man moved the hose and the leak got larger (and audible) it vented out quickly. So we were not in danger.


That lady deserves a bonus. Gas leaks are nothing to mess around with!!!

*Hugs* for the safe discovery!

rar, flexihose. the ones to our gas dryer broke just after we moved into the house. the nice plumbers replaced them. they showed us the ones they removed and said "yeah, this kind has been illegal for years because they do this".

"this" is "splitting along the folds in the flexible material". eek.

I'm glad that your cleaning lady has such a good nose for odd smells.

Here's hoping that the repair person arrives at the beginning of the eta, rather than the end.