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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Okay. I'm back on line.

What did I miss?


Well, the 7th Harry Potter book came out. Apparently JKR caved in to fan demands, and now Harry's going out with Hermione, Remus broke up with Tonks so he could be alone and miserable his entire life, and I think the Weasleys got a divorce.

In the real world? Well...I just walked the dog!

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I really need to read that 7th book again, don't I? *g*

and redeemed!Draco is going out with Ginny.

ohmigosh. I'm so making cookie puffs tonight. Er. Maybe not tonight. but SOON.

*giggle* They're a lot of fun, and the one burn I got didn't blister, because I told it that it wouldn't.

And, in a whole 'nother direction, some amusing lyrics [sorta kinda work- and kid-safe, assuming neither work nor the kid has a particular understanding nor appreciation of Victorian/Regency English]