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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Rowling and Tarot

Using cards for divination is not permitted, but I didn't know that back in college and I'd just read (oh, the shame of it) Piers Anthony's Tarot series, which was far from his worst work, so I got a couple of decks and started reading about it.

We know about the Lightning Struck Tower - in fact, as I just learned during my reread, Trelawney had found that card just before *that* chapter.

There's at least one other member of the Major Arcana mentioned in the series - in GoF, the pub in Little Hangleton is called "The Hanged Man".

What is the Hanged Man? It's a picture of this relaxed guy *hanging upside down from one heel.* Like this..

Yes, he's tied to an odd sort of tree, but think about levicorpus. I wonder if there are other images that we've missed. *Goes to check Three of Wands*


The Hanged Man is a card about what must be given up, sacrificed or suffered if one is to obtain wisdom. It's the card of Odin giving up one of his eyes and being hanged for nine days on the Tree of Life so he can learn the secrets of the Runes. It's about change of perspective, how sometimes you have to go the opposite way from the rest of society -- and be reviled for it -- in order to gain wisdom. It's the card of Merlin in T.H. White, who lived backwards. It's the card of the Backwards Society of the Sioux, or Native American berdache culture (men living as women). It's all the crap you gotta go through in order to gain enlightenment.