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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Rowling and Tarot

Using cards for divination is not permitted, but I didn't know that back in college and I'd just read (oh, the shame of it) Piers Anthony's Tarot series, which was far from his worst work, so I got a couple of decks and started reading about it.

We know about the Lightning Struck Tower - in fact, as I just learned during my reread, Trelawney had found that card just before *that* chapter.

There's at least one other member of the Major Arcana mentioned in the series - in GoF, the pub in Little Hangleton is called "The Hanged Man".

What is the Hanged Man? It's a picture of this relaxed guy *hanging upside down from one heel.* Like this..

Yes, he's tied to an odd sort of tree, but think about levicorpus. I wonder if there are other images that we've missed. *Goes to check Three of Wands*

Re: (here from the daily_snitch)

If that wand is a horcrux...and yes, I do like the theory...then I would guess that Voldie had it *before* Ollivander did. Remember, after Voldemort died, his various possessions might have gone anywhere. It makes perfect sense for Ollivander to be the holder of a rare, famous wand, if it somehow came adrift from wherever Voldie had hidden it.

As for Ollivander's disappearance: We don't know much about Ollivander, except that he's the best wandmaker in Britain, if not beyond. Making wands must require a pretty bit of magic, which means Ollivander is a very powerful and wise wizard, in his way. Ollivander might have known the significance of the wand, or Dumbledore might have tipped him off. If so, I would say Ollivander went into hiding to *protect* the wand.

Given that Fortescue's place was wrecked and that Ollivander's place was neatly packed up and emptied, I believe strongly that Ollivander went underground by choice.