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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Poll analysis/daily_snitch effect

So, I posted this poll yesterday. And while the results by themselves are interesting - I haven't gone into detail, but I have noticed that those who have been reading fanfic online longer seem to prefer reading their stories on one page if they read them on line, and others prefer chapters. I also note that "easier" seems to be a reason in both cases.

I chose to use time reading fanfiction online as opposed to age or time reading fanfiction because I have a feeling that one's online experience is the operative factor. However, I'll need to analyze this more closely to really know.

But even more interesting, to me, is the daily_snitch effect. While my essays and such have been reported there in the past (and I'm thrilled each time), this is the first time I've had a poll reported. This is not surprising since I think I've done four polls ever.

The respondents have tripled, if not more, and the results *changed*. When they mostly came from my f'list, most people had been reading on line fandom for 5-10 years, read on line and wanted it all on one page for ease of reading and knowing how long a story would be. (And a fair number chose "Tik-Tok", which makes me think they know Oz.)

After it was reported, everything changed. Now more people have been in the fandom 5 years or less, and far more want to read in chapters because it's easier to keep track of where you are and it's what they're used to. (And poor Tik-Tok wasn't checked much at all.)

This makes sense, though. Many of the people on my flist who read online fanfiction are in the same fannish circles I am - longtime readers/writers in several different fandoms. I've known many of them for over five years. I have a lot in common with them. The daily_snitch people are all Harry Potter fans, since that's an HP reporting journal, but otherwise come from everywhere, and would skew young or new to online fanfiction.

Still, I find that whole thing interesting all by itself.


That is interesting. The longer I'm here, the less inclined I am to participate in discussion and/or take polls--I've seen them all before and I've only been participating in the HP fandom for about two years (Longer in other fandoms. So even though I watch the daily_snitch and howarts_whatever, I don't generally follow those links.