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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
My role in the wizarding world

And my greatest victory is against...me.

Your Role, and That of your Friend's List, in the Wizarding World by GregorySparr
Pick a Hogwarts house and tell me what job you see
You will wind upA curse-breaker for Gringotts
Your hidden magical abilities will beYou can clean the house pretty well
Your best subject will beHerbology
Minister of Magicdphearson
Headmaster of Howartsdeirdre_riordan
Head of the Auror Division at the Ministryslippyslope
Dark Wizardbibliotrope
Your greatest wizard duel victory will come againsmamadebfic
You will never be better thantwinkledru
Odds that you'll survive a Wizarding War: 13%
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I don't feel like posting mine, but it said my best subject was Arithmancy. I find this amusing, because I am the sort of person who can have 200 dollars in the bank and overdraw on $5-10 purchases because they're only $5-10 and I've got $200!!!

In other words this is like your greatest power being cleaning.

This one loses points for inaccuracy.

But I'm keeping my eye on juleskicks.

Mine was uninteresting but I have a 99% chance of surviving a Wizarding War. Go me!

Excellent. As I'll likely be dead, we will need you to rebuild.

Congrats on winning that duel "agains" your self!

Thank you. After all, I *am* my worst enemy.