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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

My Trip

(Yes, it's been a week, but I'm bored.)

Day One: Fender Bender

I could blame this on the fact that it was the day after Tisha B'Av, but, although I fast badly, I recover quickly. I could blame this on the rental car. In fact, I think the car has some blame, as it was a Honda Civic and had no power or pick up at all. And that I'd been driving several hours probably didn't help much, either.

We were an hour from my inlaw's house up in Margaretville, NY. I'd just gotten onto Rte 28 when a traffic light appeared. And turned yellow. And I did not have the speed to go through it. And the car in back of me didn't seem to be slowing down. So I swerved - not to the right so I'd go on the shoulder (there wasn't much of one there anyway) but to the left. Where there was another car.

The driver was a gentleman in every sense of the word. He even helped me back up. His car was barely scratched. Mine? The wheel-well was dented, but the car was completely drivable. As we exchanged information, the police appeared and we made phone calls and ten minutes later, we were on our way again.

I was somewhat skittish and, well, the car didn't like the hills anyway so we never got much speed. But we got to inlaws in about an hour, so all was well. And, of course, no one was injured.

There we met Joslyn and Zoe. Joslyn is my brother-in-law's girlfriend. Zoe is her three-year-old. This meant a tiny house with seven people, even if one was very, very small. J is very nice and sweet, and got into the game of Fluxx we played that night. I think my inlaws liked that "the children" got along so well.

Day Two: Delaware County Fair

Okay. I'm a city girl. I don't do farm stuff. But the chickens were interesting and Zoe loved the cow we watched getting groomed (who knew they groomed cows?) Concentrated sheep - not so great. 4-H shed was fun, and Jonathan met more ham radio guys.

And, yeah. All that fair food and I couldn't touch a bite of it. Okay, the deep-fried Oreos just sounded weird, and I didn't really want the barbecued chicken my inlaws ate (they keep a kosher house, but are less strict outside of it.), but the continuous fried potatoes looked yum. So, my life will continue with having never tasted a corn dog, or a funnel cake or a deep-fried Snickers bar.

And Jonathan had a deep discussion about me being...well. I'm not fond of the trip, and the fair wasn't the thing for me he'd thought it would be and I'd been behaving...badly. Which I had been. Part of it is that the trip was obligatory. Even if it were my favorite thing, not having a choice in the matter was hard. (This has been solved, btw. His parents said it would be okay if he came up alone by bus. Which means I'll probably still go, but this time it would be a choice.)

Day Three: Trains

Jonathan has decided he wants to build a model railroad - to be precise, one based on the train line in that part of New York State, circa 1915. I think that's a great thing for him - there's not a portion of the project that wouldn't be fun for him all by itself, starting with the research. And that's what we did - research. We went to a local historical society first, but they weren't tremendous help. So they sent us to a local train museum. And on the way there, Jonathan and I talked more and got more out of our system.

The museum itself was only open on weekends and holidays, and this was Wednesday. But there were engines and cars and so on right there. So I sat in the air-conditioned car and wrote while Jonathan climbed over and around the equipment and took pictures and enjoyed himself. Then the owner of the museum just happened by and he gave Jonathan a tour, and showed him his *own* models, and was excited over Jonathan's project.

Then we went to the town and had coffee and ice cream (kosher brand of ice cream.) and went back to the house, where we had roast beef. Mom didn't want to make it before because brother-in-law's a vegetarian but he loved roast beef, and she didn't want to torture him.

(Didn't bother her that she ate barbecued chicken in front of two people eating veggie chopped liver sandwiches, and we didn't tell her why we were laughing.)

Day Four: Home

We left at about 4PM, after I took a nap. We stopped at a supermarket and bought packaged cooked tuna filet and the makings of sandwiches and a salad, and then stopped at the Ulster police station to get the police report (lots of signs leading there, but we got lost getting back on the road) and stopped for dinner at a rest stop. Those tuna steaks made a nice meal.

We got back on the road and go home at about 9:30PM, and got the car back the next morning, where I found out I had to report it to my credit card company, so I did it at the rental agency.


Deep fried Oreos? The mind boggles.

Oh, yeah.

Apparently, anything can be coated in batter and deep-fried.


You didn't like the county fair? IY"H, we'll be going to the Dutchess County Fair this Sunday. I hope we like it more than you liked yours.

I didn't hate it, and your boys should love it.

I'm just a city girl - it's me thing.

I, on the other hand, thank Hashem every day for getting me OUT of the city.

It never fails. Whenever I put any of my plans into writing for all the world to see, that plan doesn't seem to work out. It's raining today. No Dutchess County Fair for us.

BTW, womanofletters opened her first entry with a poem.

I remember the news stories here about how Joe Lieberman's staff had to find something at the Iowa State Fair he could eat to show he was a "man of the people". All the rest of the candidates had gone for the porkchop on a stick, a local favorite. It turned out that the one kosher option was the deep-fried Twinkie.

Yes, the mind boggles.


(I'm not boggled so much about the deep-fried Twinkie as the fact that they decided it was kosher. Don't those deep-frying places usually cook meat, too?)

I'm pretty sure the last one I saw was "milchig" (I use quotes because it's even money that no real animal product of any kind ever came near the place): funnel cakes, a revolting selection of deep-fried cakes, cookies, & candy, perhaps corn fritters, ice cream, but no hot dogs that I recall.

I think it was a Twinkie only frying place.

nah, a booth like that probably only sold deep fried sweets (possibly limited only to deep fried twinkies). They'd need to make sure they weren't frying in lard, but these days most people use oil. So assuming they were using oil, there wouldn't have been meat involved.

However, for me I still would have had issues b/c twinkies are triangle-K, which is problem number 1. Problem number 2 is that I'm really conflicted about eating vegetarian food out, even if it's a place that only makes vegetarian food, if it's not under supervision. I don't do it. But I wish I did, hence the conflict.

Well, if you really wanted to, there is nothing about a corn dog or a funnel cake that couldn't be kosher. If you made it at home. Sweet corn bread batter on a kosher dog, or a fried pastry.

Mind, you could never ever eat at a fair, but reallY? That' s probably for the best anyway...

I thought corn batters had milk?

Doesn't matter about the funnel cakes - the sugar makes them forbidden anyway.

Do those things even taste good anywhere else, I wonder?

Funnel cakes taste good anywhere.

But corndogs are disgusting. Even though I don't have my kitchen kashered etc at this point in time, there is a lot of disgusting food I already don't miss, and much of what's to be found at fairs falls into this category.

Is the sugar non-kosher? Or are you just talking about the fact that it's no good for you?

I'm pretty sure there's some Hanukah delicacy somewhere that's the kosher equivalent of funnel cakes. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I'm a Type II diabetic.

Sugar is EVIL.

I'm pretty sure there's some Hanukah delicacy somewhere that's the kosher equivalent of funnel cakes.

Yes. I have some recipes for sufganyot that taste similar to funnel cakes, but the texture is different. Funnel cakes are a more liquid batter when it hits the hot oil, whereas sufganyot are more like a biscuit batter. But a nice (unfilled) batch of sufganyot rolled in cinnamon sugar would come close to a similar taste, if not texture.

Presumably, if you were going to the trouble to make kosher corn dogs? A non dairy batter could be made.

Probably not worth the effort.

ALthough I know that there exist such things as vegetarian corn dogs. I don't reccomend them.

I've made pareve corn bread using soy milk that have turned out fine. I assume this would be similar.

yes, cornbread batters often have buttermilk in them. But you can fake buttermilk with regular milk and vinegar, so by extension you can fake imitation buttermilk with soymilk and vinegar. (The vinegar actually could be vinegar, cream of tartar, or lemon juice). With some recipes you can substitute sour cream for buttermilk, so pareve sour cream would work sometimes. Just depends.

Funnel Cakes are good whereever you have them. Could you have a little bite of one without throwing off your blood sugar? It's really just deep fried dough, so it's carbs, but really fluffly carbs with a lot of airpockets. I could make a funnel cake for you and let you have a bite, if ever you come visit.

kosher corn dog

Burger Nosh (Main Street & Jewel in KGH) has "corn dog" listed on the menu, but I don't know how close they are to what you saw at the fair.