Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Toner spill!

It's a fairly rare occasion that I have to change the toner in our current copier - it comes in a huge plastic box and lasts forever. But it happened today.

And the instructions, which were confusing, seemed to imply that I should remove the toner receptacle. So I did. And I handled it wrong. And there was fine, fine black powder on the side of the copier and on my hands and the sleeve of my overshirt (natural linen color over a white sleeveless t-shirt, so it's staying on.) and big splash on the floor. So. I replace the recptacle and the toner, and then I get a vacuum cleaner and get as much up as I can, and then go after the rest with Windex and many paper towels. It looks pretty darn good - can't tell there's been a spill on the floor and 99% of the stuff on the copier is gone. And I can wash my hands, so that's fine.

My clothing? Well. I have my sleeves rolled up to just below my elbows, but I have dark fingerprints on my t-shirt and smudges on the overshirt.

Glad I'm wearing a dark skirt, and very glad that I know from experience that toner comes out.
Tags: accident, office, toner

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