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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I'm c&p'ing a story for my pda.

It's in chapters. It's in chapters on someone's lj, so if I don't want the comments, and I don't, I have to click and scroll to only get story. But, interspersed as, I think, scene breaks, is this *huge* picture. Which means I have to click and scroll within the chapters because the alternative is c&p the pictures, and that makes Word unhappy.

People, *please*, take pity on us older folks. Don't make it hard to read your stories because, honestly, if I weren't several chapters in, I'd just plain stop. I know the newer readers like chapters because you told me this. Do you have to make it harder with big graphics?

ETA: My husband, bored with my complaining (and who could blame him?) suggested that I simply turn off picture loading. That worked. I feel very dumb now.


I'm just dropping through my friendsfriends list, and I saw this post. There's a way of forcing your own style on the display, so you don't get the graphic elements of another person's journal style.

At the end of the url, add "?style=mine"
If there's already something in that space that has a question mark, instead add "&?style=mine" (without the quotes).

That should give the contents of their journal in your own, presumably less graphic-based, style.

Apologies if this was too confusing or I misunderstood the situation. Good luck with the rest of your c&p'ing.

I thank you for your advice, and I know it was well-meant. However.

You misunderstood. I'm not complaining about the journal itself. Even if they'd used LJ default for their comments page, the problem would remain. And if I were simply reading on their journal, there would be no problems, either. But I wanted to get it in a condition to download to my pda so I could read it away from my computer.

The problem is the graphic within the text of the story. Since I don't want the comments on my pda, I would have to cut and paste just the text of the story anyway - fourteen times, once for each chapter - but because they included a large graphic as a scene separator, I had to cut and paste several times within each chapter to eliminate the graphic. The other choice would have been to paste the chapter with the graphics to my word processor and wait a rather long time for it to load, and then delete the graphic one by one in the chapter before going on to the next. Either way, it added an extra layer of annoyance.

Yuck, that does sound annoying.

Yep, I apologize that I misunderstood. Such is always the danger of drive-by advising people I don't know. I need to learn to curb that instinct a bit more.

Your best bet is probably to save whatever format you have as text. If it's in a browser, the browser can do that. If it's already in Word or equivalent, just save as text.

That should eliminated the piccies and get you the words, which can then be C&P (or even just transferred over) to the PDA.

If you have the trouble of losing formatting that way, try opening it in Word (even if it's HTML) and save as Rich Text Format (RTF). The formatting should travel with it, then.

Good luck!

I'm trying that. The problem is, unless I'm doing it wrong, it's just adding steps and taking more time. I'm trying to combine fourteen different LiveJournal posts into one plain-html document, suitable for iSilo (which doesn't convert RTF - I've tried. It only converts plain text (no formatting at all) or html. It does do graphics, which helps for archive sites, but is less useful for LiveJournal.) Normally, when there aren't extraneous graphics, it's easy enough to just highlight the text I want, and then c&p into a Word file. I'm a little annoyed that I have to, but I recognize that the majority of the younger/newer posters prefer reading in chapters and therefore that's how they present their stories. The extra graphics are an extra layer of annoyance and, honestly, don't add anything to the story itself.

And having saved *one* page to rtf, which entailed saving the page as html because Firefox only offers that and plain text, opening that with Word and then saving it in RTF - the graphics all came along for the ride, and the page took a long time to convert. And I'd still have to cut and paste around the graphics to make a single document.

Am I doing it wrong?

Oh, and when I save in plain text, I get gibberish.