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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Cuteness and not-so-cuteness

I read this in TV Guide, so I'm not sure if this is necessary, but...

Carrie Fisher will appear as Paulette Kahn, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet.

Why is this cute? The fomer edtior-in-chief of DC Comics was Jeannette Kahn. The current one? Paul Levitz.

I'm grinning.

It's good to have something to grin about, because the news from New Orleans is awful.

The city is being abandoned, and, so it seems, are the people in New Orleans.

And I keep getting flashes of a comic book nightmare scenario - the No Mans Land series. Gotham City falls victim to a major earthquake. The federal government decides it's too expensive to fix, and no amount of lobbying by Bruce Wayne can help. It's declared "No Man's Land". Everyone is given one month to leave and then the bridges are bombed.(Gotham is very similar to Manhattan in that it's an island city.) Arkham is opened up. The costumed villains run amuck, and the cops who choose to remain are not much more than another gang.

This is sounding very. Similar.


Ther same thing has been occuring to me. At the time NML was announced, it seems preposterous. Now it looks prophetic.

We cna only hope that in the end, New Orlenas will be rebuilt as Gotham City was.

Yeah, I had the NML association too. You know, when I first read the NML scenario, I was sort of thinking "that's really an extreme catastrophe scenario, especially that a huge metropolis like Gotham gets abandoned" and it felt all the more like a dark Gotham scenario for that. And now I'm looking stunned at those nightmarish images from New Orleans, and something similar to that is really happening. And I never thought that I'd see images like this from the US for real, even in the wake of such a major natural disaster, and that people are dying, because days later after they survived the hurricane and even the initial flooding of their area there seems to be no effective way to get them out or provisions in.

I think I had this -- maybe irrational -- faith in the power of US (military) logistics, I mean, the Allies under US leadership managed to supply West Berlin with over two million people during the blockade for almost a year through the air, when Berlin still lay in ruins after WWII and was completely dependent on outside supplies. Which okay, was a different kind of logistical challenge, but still -- it was over a thousands flights per day, thousands of tons of food, coal, gasoline, medicine, and building materials were brought each day, etc. which impressed me very much even decades later when I learned about it in history classes.