Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Deeply Weird

Last night, about 2:30 AM,I woke up gagging on something phlegmy and very acidic. I'm not sure how I got rid of the substance - if I inhaled or swallowed - but I suspect I inhaled. My chest burned and my mouth tasted awful, and when I coughed, it was very "productive", and reddish. But that part went away. The reddish. The burning went away, and a couple of tums took care of the nasty taste, but I was wide awake now.

My husband wanted to call our mothers, but what would have been the point? It would only make them upset. We discussed emergency ward, but decided he was too tired and I was breathing and we'd just call our doctor in the morning. It took me an hour to get back to sleep - not out of fear, just out of wide awakeness. And the need to sleep without actually lying down fully. I propped my pillows on my windowsill (my bed is under a window) which gave me enough lift to breathe.

I called the doctor, and made an appointment for this afternoon after work, because I'm working today. I may be working tomorrow, too. I'm filling in, you see. So I have to come in.

At this point, my chest hurts from coughing, my lungs feel full, the way they felt when I had walking pneumonia, although I'm breathing a lot easier than I did then, and I'm tired.

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