Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Just as point of information:

I used to have a number of syndicated columns on my flist - Molly Ivins, Dan Savage, Miss Manners, Dave Barry. I found that the Onion flooded my friendspage, I don't want to register for Molly Ivins' paper, and Miss Manners - each new column meant each old one as well. Dave Barry retired. I still have Dan Savage. So, I guess I had holes to fill, or something.

I was already reading makinglight, but I know the Neilsen Hadens from sf conventions and rec.arts.sf.fandom. Since Katrina, I now have crooksandliars, thisisnotover and, just today, joncarroll (he of the Unitarian Jihad fame) and dailykos.

Basically, I've started to read the liberal blogosphere. And if anyone out there didn't realize I was politically liberal - I must have been hiding it well.

I don't like talking about politics because I do it so badly. I do enjoy reading it from the rest of you (all of you, even those I disagree with), though, because most of you do it so well.

Any other suggestions for RSS? Including alternate points of view?
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