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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Just as point of information:

I used to have a number of syndicated columns on my flist - Molly Ivins, Dan Savage, Miss Manners, Dave Barry. I found that the Onion flooded my friendspage, I don't want to register for Molly Ivins' paper, and Miss Manners - each new column meant each old one as well. Dave Barry retired. I still have Dan Savage. So, I guess I had holes to fill, or something.

I was already reading makinglight, but I know the Neilsen Hadens from sf conventions and rec.arts.sf.fandom. Since Katrina, I now have crooksandliars, thisisnotover and, just today, joncarroll (he of the Unitarian Jihad fame) and dailykos.

Basically, I've started to read the liberal blogosphere. And if anyone out there didn't realize I was politically liberal - I must have been hiding it well.

I don't like talking about politics because I do it so badly. I do enjoy reading it from the rest of you (all of you, even those I disagree with), though, because most of you do it so well.

Any other suggestions for RSS? Including alternate points of view?


Mark Morford

Hooray for the San Francsico Chronicle!

Thank you!

John Scalzi. At scalzifeed. Though he doesn't include full text, but first hundred words only. (Note: He's another of PNH's authors, so there's a big overlap at the Whatever, the actual blog, with Making Light).

I like that better. That means he goes both into the default filter and the blog filter I just created because it's been overwhelming.

I actually misspoke slightly. As with Making Light and lots of other blogs, the comment threads over at the Whatever are way fun, and add immense value to the actual entries. I should have said that the communities at Whatever and Making Light overlap greatly, you see... :-)

There is a full-text Atom feed of Whatever called scalzifeed.

Thank youl

Thanks. I actually prefer the short version, because, as with Making Light and most of the best blogs, the comment threads add huge value to the entries. I mostly use the feed to alert me that I need to go over there and read (and maybe add to) the fun in comments.

savage love is on rss?

Oh Jonathan Carrol has a syndicated feed now? Woot! More cat columns! :-) I subscribed to jonathancarroll once upon a time and quickly realised that he was a wretched impostor. :-( Thanks for the heads up!

I really like Francis Strand's "How to learn Swedish in 1000 difficult lessons", swedish_feed. Francis is an American guy who lives with his Swedish husband in Stockholm.

wonkette can be almost overwhelmingly prolific but is a good source of many many links. rudepundit is an interesting cross between far-left politics and satire; he really means it about the "rude," though -- if bad language is a turnoff for you, forget it. On a totally different plane, lawrencelessig is fantastic on free speech, intellectual property, and copyright issues.

I'm a huge fan of worldchanging -- they aim to offer solutions, rather than focusing on problems. Excellent stuff.

If you're looking for voices from around the world, not just US stuff, check out globalvoices, which highlights and aggregates blogs from around the world. Not exactly related to what you're collecting here, but very good, and very useful.

I'm sure Atrios has a feed at LJ (it keeps showing on my friendfriends page), but am rushing out the door, and can't recall it now. Will look it up later.

atrios Tough one to figure out, O self.

sideshow_avedon is a good one.

And thanks for the link to joncarroll. I'd been meaning to see if he had a feed.