Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Favors at weddings

I don't remember them fifteen years ago, when I was first engaged and bought my quota of bridal magazines. They talked about all sorts of things, such as bridesmaids' gifts, but I don't recall favors. Because, if there were, I think I would have had them. I mean, we had yarmulkes and bentchers, but if people were giving out little gifties or packages of candy, I would have done it. I believe, anyway. And I'm sure that more modern Orthodox weddings would have them today, too.

I also went to a Catholic wedding a couple of years earlier and I don't recall favors there, either. But that was in 1988, so who knows?

Am I remembering wrong? Or are they a relatively recent thing?

Anyone have any ideas on this front?

Goes off to google.
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