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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I have two cups of coffee


I got to work early enough that I could stop in a local coffeehouse and get a small cup.

And my employer just presented me with a medium cup. So there are two cups of coffee on my desk.

And jonbaker, wonderful husband that he is, made me coffee before work, too.

I think I may ignore the gift of my employer. Or I'll be climbing the walls.


Caffiene! Climbing walls can be fun, even in skirts!

(Okay, sometimes I just like to scary myself, and others, through overcaffienation.)

Re: Yay!


I could be Spider-Mama.

Or not.


That much caffeine, I'd be Buzz Lightyear!

To infinity and ... oh crap, I have to pee again!

Still, it's make work interesting, wouldn't it?


Yeah. I rarely drink more than three widely spaced cups in a day - mostly I get by on one or two.

I'm already hurting for things to do.

Oh my. The only time I have more than one cup of coffee a day is when I am riding shotgun on a long drive.

Sticking the extra cup into the monitor won't transmit it to your deserving friends, though, unfortunately. Otherwise I'd offer to dispose of it for you. ;)

Want a cup of extra strong black no sugar?

That takes me back 25 years or so. One of my friends, who was into prank calls, described one that involved calling the operator and complaining that you had sent a cup of coffee to your mother, and she hadn't received it. On further inquiry, you explain that you called your mother, then poured the coffee into the mouthpiece on your end, and your mother held the earpiece over her cup, but nothing came out. And when the operator makes confused noises and starts trying to explain basic physics, say "but it worked fine yesterday!"