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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I've been going to the same comic book shop for six years now. They keep a pull box for me, and they know who I am. And once I started going there, I felt welcome. Plus - a couple of times, I've been stupid and left things there. Once it was my credit card. I got it back the following Tuesday. I know it was a Tuesday because we all remember the date - four years ago last Sunday. So something good happened. I hadn't even bothered canceling it.

A year or so later, I'd left my wallet there, and I didn't get it back for a longer time. This was because the owner had had a stroke that same night and no one knew he'd found it, let alone where he'd put it.

He was back in a few weeks, though, his right arm dangling.

I went to the store today because it's Wednesday, and the gates were partially down and the door was locked. The guys sitting next door told me the owner had had another stroke.

"Oh, no! A second one?"

"A third."

Tomorrow, I'm going to call the store and find out how he is, if it's even open.


Any news yet?

He's still in the hospital. No more news yet.

Damn, MamaDeb. I hope he is alright or as right as can be.

Which comic book store is it? Where?


PS I'll be heading up to NYC on Monday. Be staying in Brooklyn with friends til I get my own place.