Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Still home.

Woke up with my nose still running and a sinus headache. And my sinus headaches can have all the signs (and accidents) of migraines, complete with photophobia and nausea. In fact, they were misdiagnosed as migraines until the treatment didn't work and my doctor pinched my cheekbones and OW. The antibiotics cleared up the infection, but I still get the headaches once in awhile - especially when I get a cold.

As in this morning.

I tried taking ibuprofen, but my stomach wasn't having any. Once that was over (and my eyelids covered with broken capillaries, as always happens when I vomit), and I began feeling better, I took a shower with my husband sitting on the toilet seat just in case I needed help. That is, I needed the hot shower,and my sinuses appreciated it, but I was also slightly dizzy and I didn't want to be in there alone. As it was, I was okay, except that I needed help stepping out of the tub. We considered putting in a metal folding chair, but I vetoed that.

I have a wonderful husband. Have I mentioned that? He ran out afterwards to buy me cup o'raman, lotion tissues and frozen pot pies. I didn't even ask for the potpies.

I took some sinus medication, but it's wearing off and I find I can't take more than one dose/day without getting jitters. On the other hand, the headache is gone. So that's a major plus. I'll make some herbal tea soon, which will help.

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