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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
House Thoughts -spoilerish

Because I'm often not so good at figuring out the meta.

I was reading the Television Without Pity thread about "Autopsy", and just watching the subtext come out.

And not just the House/Wilson stuff, either.

The consensus seems to be that House is falling apart, and with far less bravery than Andie because she had her mother to love. House has no one, at least no one he'd admit to.

He's taking his drugs with milk, for example. (Note: while it's clear House is addicted physically to Vicodin, I don't think it makes him high. I think it allows him to function. That is, he is addicted to Vicodin the same way my mother is to insulin, or my husband to anti-depressants, or me (to a several orders of magnitude lesser extent) to Zyrtec. ) He used to just pop them in his mouth and swallow. He decided to snort his cold meds (and he looked really competent at that razor stuff.) He couldn't open his jar of lip balm. And Wilson was so gentle about taking it from him, too. Swoon.

And Wilson was talking about Andie with a year to live outliving House. And that meant that Andie will actually do some living in that year, but also - huh.

He doesn't let people in. And he knows he doesn't do brave.

And none of that was obvious to my eyes. Which is why I loved watching that meta build.

People did research (I love a show where viewers have to do research.)

Long-term use of Vicodin: constipation (wasn't milk. Was Milk of Magnesia) because of the codeine, and liver damage because of the acetominophen (Tylenol) - this last I knew about Tylenol. It's okay in normal dosages, but a bottleful will kill you. A sign of liver damage? Loss of muscle strength.

And he's drinking heavily - he drank most of a bottle of booze last week and showed very little effect. He also managed 1000 mg of Benadryl without sleeping - and he's now sucking it up his nose for any effect.

I'm in love.


Holy wow. That totally didn't occur to me.

Oh, man. Oh, man, what if you're right?

On the one hand, House literally falling apart could make for some amazing television and some phenomenal character development.

OTOH, I want to stamp my feet and insist that the writers have hurt him enough and I don't want to watch him fall apart!

Huh. This could be interesting.

Yeah. It would be painful and brilliant to watch.

And if the writers (and the phenomenal actors - it's such a pleasure watching a series with both good actors and good writers) are that subtle, it will be amazing, too.

if they do it well, it will be spectacular to watch. and I say this as a perfectly functional former drug addict, who has put herself (mostly) back together again.

I continue to believe that if it weren't Hugh Laurie, I wouldn't be as intrigued.

Oh, I absolutely credit Hugh Laurie with making the show as compelling as it is. He does a dazzling job of bringing a complicated character to life.

Ah, that's brilliant, I never would have looked that deeply into this. Thanks for the link! :)