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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

This morning, I had to take a car to work. The driver spoke very little English - he was fresh from Ecuador. We managed to have a stilted and poorly phrased conversation, and I was able to direct him to the office with no misunderstandings (other than I forgot how to say "left". Fortunately, he knew the English.)

I'm trying to figure out how I can shop and cook for Rosh Hashanah and still have time to see Serenity on Sunday. (No way can I see it earlier.)

First person to give me a fandom and three random words gets a story.


I forgot how to say "left"

I believe it's "sinistra" though sometimes I mix up Spanish and Italian.

That's what I thought. Turned out to be wrong.

I just looked it up. Sinistra is "left" in Italian. Italian is what screwed up my spanish. I took 5 years of Italian and look where it got me... able to say "left" and not even realize it. ;)

vorkosigan, memory, comfort, social_class (had to make that a word)

Ya think I should dust off Ivan and By again?

hmm... weeel... if it was truly truly my choice, i'd want alys/simon stuff but that isn't what you write right? :) yoru choice, i'll read anythign once :)

Ah. A challenge. :)


Yes ! Yes ! Yes !

I screwed up my family's Rosh Hashana, I'll get into surgery that day. I'm trying to think positively about it that at least my mother won't have to tire herself even more by cooking the loubya couscous she was planning, but I know she likes preparing feast days :(

Oh, that sounds *yummy*, though.

May I ask what the surgery is?

It is ! Best couscous in the whole world. ♥

It's nothing serious but must be done nonetheless. A dermoid cyste in the ovary. I'll get a coelioscopy.

I'll bet.

North African?

Yes, it's an Algerian specility. My father's family is from Eastern Europe however, so I'm half-half ^^

I forgot how to say "left"

It's izquierdo. Duh.

Yes! That is what he said, but I need to see it.

sorry. I don't know where I left my brain today. Would you believe I used to be 100% fluent in Spanish? Now I can barely put half a coherent thought together.

I got A's in Spanish, but fluency? Never happen.

Funny thing is, I'm speaking fair bit of Spanish these days. Not just the cleaning person or the car service drivers, but also people calling into the office.

I lived in Spain from age 3 to 8. But it's all gone now. Every bit.

I never took Spanish, but you'd be amazed what 10 years in a mostly Hispanic neighbourhood will do for ya.

Could you shop for Rosh Hashanah when you shop for Shabbat this week? Then you'd just have to cook.

That's pretty much the plan. Here's the thing.

I'm making large dishes that take a long time to cook - chicken soup, pot roast, turkey, rice pilaf. I need the time to cook them, and I can't do the pot roast and the turkey at the same time.