Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Last night (spoilers)

Tuesday night is my night. My husband goes to a Talmud class in Manhattan - he has dinner with his parents or out, and then he goes to class. His rebbe is a neighbor of ours, and always drives him home. (Lovely man, btw, and one of the reasons we think Jonathan has had little problems being accepted despite his, um, non-traditional hair. He walked into one of the better known synagogues accompanied by one of the better known rabbis when we first moved here.)

Normally, I'll go to one of the local fast food places for my own dinner, but last night I decided I wanted nicer. I went to our favorite dairy Italian place instead, and had onion soup followed by spinach-stuffed sole served with sauted vegetables and cheesy twice baked potatoes. This is different - they used serve garlic green beans and saute'd potatoes - but I'm so not complaining.

It was purely lovely, but it meant I missed the first half of Bones.

It's not a great series by any means, and the month off will probably hurt it. I'm basically watching it for two reasons - it's the lead-in for House and it has Angel.

Here's the thing, though. During the 20 minutes or so that I watched, I noticed that the best character scenes (as opposed to plot scenes) was Angel with Brennan and her team. I think that if they changed the character focus from UST between Brennan and Booth, because that just isn't happening, to Booth finding himself "adopted" as a sort of mascot/big brother by this group of "squints", it would make this funny and complex and different, and probably prolong the life of this series.

It won't be hurt by the month off, but I'll miss it.

Not as great as last week, but mediocre for House is still damn good. I cried when they took Alfredo's hand. I loved seeing more of Cuddy. I'm also glad they steered away from the more common thing. It wasn't "I was so involved with my career that I forgot to be a woman," which it could so easily have been. You know - an episode about biological clock ticking or something like that. It was, "I was so inovlved with being an administrator that I forgot to be a doctor."

Not that anyone would ever doubt Cuddy is a woman - and she looked stunning all through this.

As for the rest of it - House is a jerk and knows better than everyone else, but he's not a racist. He just can't stand idiots. House is one of those extremely bright people who has a difficult time dealing with people significantly less bright than himself. And he's so brilliant that even reasonably intelligent people, like the people he works with, are hard. Normal folks? Not even possible. Mac from Night Court was behaving, in House's opinion, stupidly. So he corrected it in his own way.

And he hates himself in the end for not magically realizing about the cockfighting early enough to save Alfredo's hand and kidneys. Because he holds impossible standards for himself. (And Wilson loves him, of course, and understands this. So he'll be there.)

Meanwhile - House and Chase? Lapdog? Oh, goodness. Not to mention, "I can be nasty to someone without having had sex with them." He's always nasty to Chase. But he didn't say, "Look at us."

I don't think House and Cuddy have had an affair. At most, it was a one-night stand that pretty much convinced them that sex was not a good idea for them.

And Cameron and Cuddy were great together. As were Cuddy and Stacy. Bright, professional women who are proud of their professions. Way cool.

Baseball is only going to help this one, I'll say that. Because it means I can watch it live instead of on tape until November. Actually, that's not true, given the Jewish holidays. However, I'll only have to tape and watch one show from Tuesday, not three. Just need to tape Kitchen Confidential and I'm set.

Geena Davis is beautiful, and would be even more so if she wore different lipstick. And she is definitely presidential. Kyle Secor is pretty.

The show isn't The West Wing (not even TWW is TWW these days), but it's okay on its own merits (and I did get a bit of a thrill at seeing even a fictional woman swear the Oath of Office.) This is wait-and-see right now, but I have hopes.
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