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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I'm just sort of cruising eBay, and I saw this.

Isn't it gorgeous? And just my style, too...



Oooo, pretty...

I'm actually learning to sew so that I can make my own costumes. I'm going to have a closet full of garb in a few years and no place to wear it.


That's what conventions, ren faire and SCA events are for.

Ooooh, purty! And you are supposed to get a new dress for Rosh Hashanah anyway, right?

Yeah. Not that I'm getting - I'd rather spend the money on food.

Can you just see me walking into a shul dressed like that?

But can't you see that on me?

Can you just see me walking into a shul dressed like that?

LOL! But $130 isn't bad . . .

It's what I just spent at the grocery store - I just did my major yom tov shopping. (And it could have been more, but I decided stuffed peppers are as yomtovdich as pot roast, given that one of my guests can't eat potatoes.)

For sure! Who says we have to stick with the same old foods week after week, year after year. I've given up kugels myself. Too much cholesterol.

I don't do that. jonbaker gets bored too easily. And I like being creative.

I'm actually not planning a kugel this yom tov at all, although I'm serving a (purchased) lokshen kugel for Shabbos. There's rice pilaf for the turkey because I don't want to stuff it, and the stuffed peppers will be served over noodles. Even if I'm also serving noodles in the chicken soup. Which I only make for yom tov, and haven't made in a year because I made a vegetable soup for Pesach.

kugels don't have to have a lot of cholesterol, you know... you can use egg beaters in place of eggs, and minimize or eliminate the margarine.

Or just use eggwhites.

And, really - canola oil works just fine.


I think I'll stick with rice. Everyone in the family likes it better anyway.

If you're curious, there's an article about kugel in yesterday's The New York Times. But I warn you: I stopped reading at the claim that the kugel is the most spiritual part of the Shabbos seudah. Hah! Leave it to The New York Times.

Re: kugel

There was a description of a lockshen kugel towards the end that sounded excellent to me: farmer cheese, duck eggs, and sour cherries. I haven't made kugel in years and now I totally want to.

Wow, That's really pretty! And not even that expensive, really (depending on what the quality ends up being).

I know. And it's just so. Me.

Man! I want it! But it would look better on you. And, um, I'd have no occasion to wear it. I still think you should get it and wear it to shul. :)

Maybe for Purim.

Something tells me sitting in it for an entire R"H service woudld other than comfortable.

Purim! Great idea!

After spending an entire day in a boned corset, I have to say....my back and posture was never better!

It's Beautiful!

It is, isn't it?

Do you do SCA?

I've been to two Pennsics, where I. Cooked.

I even created a persona, Cypora de Berdefeld, but never registered her. I haven't done anything SCA related since, oh, 1992.