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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Preliminary R"H dinner menus:

Both nights:gefilte fish loaf baked with salsa, salad, chicken soup, and honey cake for dessert. Also, sliced apples and honey, and wine and challah.

Monday night - Mom, mom's boyfriend, brother.
Rice pilaf
Roast vegetables

Tuesday night: Friends (Couple with two year old plus single man)
Stuffed peppers in tomato sauce

Making the chicken soup tomorrow. Sunday will purchase the fresh produce and the baked goods. Will make the side-dishes and the fish, plus noodles for the soup. Will take time to see Serenity if possible.

Monday, make the main courses. Also, microwave carrots to put in the soup. Monday night, have pilaf and soup reheating. Melt apricot conserve just before dessert and drizzle over honey cake.

Lunches: no guests. Tuesday - turkey. salad. whatever rice is left over.

Wednesday: cheese omelettes (I like one dairy meal.) Wednesday dinner: leftovers.


i keep on thinking it's friday -- been catching myself all day -- so for a second, i was like, wait, you're making the chicken soup tomorrow? ... how is that right?

and then i remembered that tomorrow isn't saturday at all. :-)

mmmm...can I come to your house for hag? ;-)

(seriously, it sounds like you're going to have a delcious holiday.)

Baruch haShem, the only meal I have to prep for is the first night. I'll shop this weekend. Sunday I'll make honeycake and challah. Monday while I'm at the hospital working yaoobruni will make a Moroccan chicken dish (with chickpeas, and lemon juice, and red peppers, and olives, and lots of turmeric) and couscous, and a salad.

We're having my sister and her husband, and their two kids, and my oldest niece (daughter of my middle brother), plus the two of us. Only seven -- usually I pad the table with friends, and I do love our friends, but this year I'm kind of relieved to have a small crowd.

May your new year be sweet!