Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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Although I'm not sure what I can say that others didn't...

We've only seen a few episodes, although we have the DVDs. It might take a bit before we can watch them now.

Also, we were completely unspoiled.

It was brilliant - it had us emotionally from the beginning and just - yeah. Because Mal is a hero, whether he wants to be or not, because being a hero is not more people being dead. Because he first thoughts when the Reavers came was how to protect the people around him.

We cried when Book died. We cried harder when Wash - oh, goodness, Wash... And Zoe was so strong and beautiful and we knew her world had just ended. Except it didn't.

And River - oh, River. Broken into little pieces and made into something she never wanted, but, oh. That's a warrior princess. And all the boundless love Simon has for her.

And Kaylee like sunshine all the way through. (Is it odd that both jonbaker and I adore her? Because she's cute and competent and sweet and totally innocent and...he cried when he thought she was dead.)

So what else is there, besides wondering why we went to one of only three theaters in all of Brooklyn showing Serenity on a Sunday afternoon and finding less than two dozen people in the theater?

Couple of odd bits, maybe. The stones on the grave markers. *Stones*. Maybe appropriate for Mr. Universe, but on Book's and Wash's graves, too.

And the making of the Reavers. Because Midrash says that when the Jews returned to Israel after the first Exile, the prophets prayed that the yetzer ha-ra, the evil inclination, be removed. And it was, and. Everything stopped. The big point was that there was no sex, so no one had children, but it was a general lack of will. Sound familiar? Because part of being human is having free choice and being balanced between the inclinations to do good and do evil. So they had to bring it back.

But this was chemical thing, not a religious thing, so for some it went backwards and the Reavers are all yetzer ha-ra, with nothing tempering it. And it's brilliant.

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