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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]


It was just a minute, really! I turned the heat on high under my pot of stuffed peppers and the next thing I knew, I smelled burning. I was using my stockpot, which has a very thin bottom and I wasn't thinking.

I was in the kitchen. I smelled it right away, and I knew the only thing to do would be to transfer it to another pot. Of course, the other pot wouldn't hold everything, but that was okay, since I knew I'd have to leave at least some sauce behind. And, no, I did not stir it or scrape any burned parts.

And then I realized I needed the other pot to heat my soup tonight. So I transfered it again to a large food container. And I smelled burnt as I transfered it, but nothing I taste tastes burnt, so I don't know.

It's my main course tomorrow night. I have guests. I have nothing else, except maybe leftover turkey. It has to be all right.

It will be all right, right? It tastes fine.


If it tastes fine, it tastes fine. :-)

It has to be. There's no other choice.

trust your tastebuds.

and if your guests compliment you on your unusual, 'smoked' pepper recipe, smile and thank them graciously. ;-)

shana tova.

Smoked. Arrgh.

I already changed my menu because I know one is a very picky eater.

teasing! i was teasing!

it will be fine - the peppers will taste fabulous and your guests will be astounded by the wit, graciousness, and culinary talent of their hosts.

I'd be more worried if these were first-time guests, but they're not. So they'll be all right. It's just...you know.

I don't expect perfect or want perfect. I just want good.

I'm sure it turned out fine. But something I'm having to teach myself is that it simply does not matter how good your food is. I've gone to people's houses where the food is atrocious, but the company is great, so I don't come away feeling like I got a lousy meal out of it. I daresay, good food does go a long way to making up for bad company. But bad food does not make bad company out of good hosts.

On the one hand, you're right. And, indeed, the guests were wonderful, so if the peppers had not come out all right, it would have been fine.

On the other hand, cooking is one of the things I *do*, you know? It's something I pride myself about. But they did come out well, so I'm happy al around.