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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I was wrong

Ever since I got married, I've been saying "Yom ha-Zicaron" over my Rosh HaShanah candles. Somehow or another, we (could be me, could be Jonathan, could be my mother-in-law - it's been a very, very long time) got the idea that this was the correct way.

A couple of days ago, [Unknown LJ tag] said that she'd never heard this, and that the major machzor today (ArtScroll) said "yom tov". We checked, and sure enough, she was right.

jonbaker did some research. And it turns out the only source for this form of the bracha was from the Alter Rebbe (the first Rebbe of Lubavitch). No one else has that custom. And so, neither should I or my mother-in-law. This may be a problem.

But the fact remains that I said some very foolish things about a person I know and I was wrong to do it. She had the right way and I did not.


I thought Yom HaZikaron was Israeli memorial day?
Am I missing something?

"yom hazikaron" means "the day of remembrance", and it's the phrase used in kiddush and ya'aleh v'yavo (the section added into benching and shmoneh esrei on holidays) to refer to rosh hashana. Remembrance is one of the three main themes in the mussaf shmoneh esrei of rosh hashana (the others are kingship and shofar).

And yes, "yom hazikaron" is also the name of Israel's memorial day. Thanks for pointing that out - I knew each of these holidays was connected to that phrase, but since they're so far apart on the calendar I never thought about both at the same time.

Is there such a thing as "a right way"? At any rate, at the Rosh HaShana dinner I went to last Tuesday, the host said "Yom Ha-Zicaron" - and he's definitely no Lubavitcher... (French yuppie with Polish and Alsacian origins...) ;-)

When you said it, I thought to myself that I was certain I had always said "shel yom tov" but I had no way to check it, so I just didn't say anything.