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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Life, the universe and everything

In about 26 days, on November 5, I reach a milestone. I turn 42.

I somehow doubt I'll know the Answer, but there you have it.

So, if anyone feels like it - I'll take stories for presents. Pretty much all of my fandoms, past and present, are listed in my interests, and slash and gen are both good. Just no body mod - that's pretty much my biggest squick.


Darn. And I had been working on The Men of Hogwarts Get Matching Prince Alberts fic just for you.

Hmmm. A challenge.

remember remember the fifth of november...


... 42? Really? I honestly don't think I knew that we were the same age as well ...

This is just getting weirder.


When is your birthday? Or did I miss it?

Way back in June. No worries!

I didn't get the answer, though I haven't gone to the dark basement on Alpha Centauri. Maybe that's the problem.


Oh, well.

Maybe after the holidays. It's so hard to plan excursions during Tishrei.

Well, beat you by a bit, Mama Deb. On Nov. 2nd, I turn 50. And, yes, I was found by AARP and now carry the card. :-/

It's not fun getting old.