Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Anal Retentive, anyone?

I was watching Martha Stewart this morning. Yeah, I know, but today she was especially egregious.

First, she makes what sound to me like the most disgusting rice krispie squares ever. I like rk squares in small amounts, or did before sugar was declared permanently offlimits, although not enough to seek out kosher marshmallows and actually make them.

These, however, also contained froot loops and Captain Crunch. The Froot Loops make sense, as they're colorful, although I'd think adding Fruity Pebbles would do that just as well. The Captain Crunch could only be for the sweet.

Then she served these in three-inch cubes. They were *huge*. Huge blocks of overpowering sweetness. I'd have cut them down to cookie size myself.

But that wasn't the worst. The worst was the 'smores. She made 'smores. She made them by toasting her marshmallows over her kitchen stove, using a stick she'd soaked in water. I think the wrongness here is enough to boggle, but there's more. (I mean, what's the fun of doing it over the stove, and if you're indoors and using a stove, why not use a big fork or something easy to clean?) Her final words.

"Make sure you have enough that anyone who wants can make another 'smore."

I think she had her sense of humor surgically removed.

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