Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

West Wing

Meh. Okay, not meh.

Santos was wonderful - finally, someone saying what a lot of people I know believe - there is Gd. There is evolution. It's impossible for me to assume evolution didn't have nudges. However, it also makes sense that it wouldn't look that way. This is because my belief in Gd is religious whereas my knowledge of evolution comes from science - it can be disproved because it's not a function of belief. And while if I had children, I would send them to a religious day schools where they'd certainly be taught Bereshit, I'd vet out their science curriculum and supplement it if I had to so they learned the current theories of how evolution happened. Evolution itself isn't a theory - the theories are the mechanisms - slow and gradual, punctuated equilibrium? A combination? Nudges? Something else?

This is what many (not all) religious people believe. They also can see "Intelligent Design" co-opted as a thinly veiled way of introducing *one religion* - no, one sect of one religion, into public school classrooms. If the members of that religious group want that for their children, they should do what Catholics have done and what Orthodox Jews have done - open their own private religious schools. Otherwise, yes, I would support the teachings of the Flying Spaghetti Monster as well. Because the public schools do not have the responsibility of teaching religion. Parents do, in whatever way they wish - home school, day school, before/after school or Sunday school.

Off that soap box. Onto another.

Toby. He did what he does - he acted with his heart. And I understand him. He just lost his brother the astronaut to suicide and here were more astronauts in trouble, and he had a way he could help them. And I do believe he did it.

And he did so knowing that if his brother *had* been out there, he would not have thanked him. He would not have wanted it. But it's in character. And Toby won't let friends take a fall for him.

Also, I'm glad it's not CJ because, well. Intelligent woman in a position of power - we need to see more of that, not less, and if she'd leaked, it would have looked like, "Ah, she's a woman. Soft."

And then there's the whole Leo and Annabeth thing.

I *hate* it. It's not cute to me, and it's not funny. It makes Leo look pathetic if he takes her up on it (if she just has a crush on him - well, who wouldn't?)

I also must say that I don't like Leo running as Veep. It's just wrong for the character and the campaign. He's gone from Chief of staff to advisor to...what? It's a demotion.

So. Meh. And, as jonbaker pointed out, of the original cast of officials, only CJ and Charlie are left there, and they're doing different jobs. It's just not the same. Not that it has been since Sorkin left, but, well. Even the faces are changed or gone.

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