Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

State of the cooking

Today, I've made/am making two dishes I've never eaten and do not have recipes for, plus one of my standards.

Right now, cooling, I have a tsimmes of sweet potatoes and pears. I peeled and wedged six sweet potatoes and cooked them with salt, pepper, margarine and garam marsala in the microwave on high for 5 minutes. This way, I'd get a headstart on the sweet potatoes, since they'd take much longer to cook than the pears. While they were cooking, I peeled, cored and wedged the pears. Then I mixed the pears with the cooked sweet potatoes (all in the same oval casserole), more seasoning and more margarine. I added a couple more pats on top - using a bit more than half a stick. It's for yom tov. Then I sprinkled a handful of pecan halves on top and baked, covered, for an hour at 350F.

I also roasted celery, carrots and onions. These are now in my dairy soup pot along with several cloves of garlic, some bay leaves and peppercorns. I'm making a base for a spinach/garlic soup and I wanted it very rich in flavor. It's bubbling softly.

Next to it is a pan of my basic pasta sauce (onions, red pepper, garlic, mushrooms, pepper, Italian seasoning, bay leaves and balsamic vinegar and a 12 oz can of tomato paste, and an equal amount of water). When it comes together - I just added the paste and water - It will be the sauce for my lasagna.

Once that is in the oven and the soup base is strained and put away, I'll be finished with my cooking.

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