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We had our in-laws over for lunch in our sukkah.

Mom, like myself, is Type II diabetic. Unlike me, though, she watches every single "carbo" that passes her lips and tests her blood. So cooking for her means being creative, since she also prefers low fat and low salt. Fortunately, she like things spicy.

I made a variation of a dish she makes herself, called "meat scramble" - ground meat of some kind (usually turkey) mixed with various vegetables. I'm not quite that random.

I diced a couple of yellow onions and a red pepper and saute'd them in safflower oil. I added smushed garlic and 8 oz. of button mushrooms, sliced thin, and then cubed chicken thighs. (I'd forgotten to thaw them, so I defrosted them in the microwave. They were partially cooked but that wasn't a problem here.) I also put in freshly ground pepper. When it looked cooked enough, I added a can of diced tomatoes and then a shot of balsamic vinegar. I served them on whole wheat/quinoa pasta (very tasty, actually.) There was also a green salad and a fruit compote for dessert. Mom only had a few noodles, but that was fine.

We also discussed other things - including her eye problems. She has macular degeneration and it's been awful for her. Laser treatment only helps so much and she needs it every couple of months. But it means she needs larger and larger print to read - and she loves reading. We have the fonts and icons n her computers cranked up, and when she gets her next one, we'll do the same, and we insist she get a 19" flatscreen.

We tested an idea I had about fonts and, well. I was right. A solid, san serif font such as Arial is fine. Times Roman, with its variations in line width, is not. Parts of the letters disappears. She's also reading for context and the shapes of words more, which means unfamiliar words and ALL CAPS and numbers are all even more difficult for her. So when we format her new machine, we'll take care to use Arial or Verdana.
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