Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


Thanks to mctabby's Friending Frenzy, plus other circumstances, I now have a number of new people on my flist. Note: I friend pretty much everyone back. I like a big friends list.


Welcome also to the other people who have recently friended me for other reasons.

This journal ranges far and wide, but often settles on what's for dinner. I do a lot of foodporn, for which there is an appropriate icon. I also do a lot of meta and essays, a fair bit of reviews. I also have posts with religious content - also with an appropriate icon and cut-tagged. These will be from my perspective as a Modern Orthodox Jewish woman with feminist leanings but traditional beliefs. (This also means that I will disappear from nightfall Friday to nightfall Saturday every week.)

I have a diverse friendslist, with people from all religious, personal and political perspectives, and I welcome all of it. However, don't expect to see much politics here.

I do write fanfiction (which is why many of you are here, I know.) I post my stories to mamadebfic, and link to that here. I'm a slash writer, but I also write gen and even het once in a while. Everything will have that level of warning.

Welcome, all of you.

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