Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

A week ago last Tuesday, on a somewhat chilly autumn night, many of the houses we passed on our way to dinner were empty, except for those preparing meals to take outside. Those who did not have their own sukkot had invitations from friends who did, or took part in communal meals provided by synagogues or yeshivot, because it was the first night of Sukkot, and that night one makes all possible efforts to eat in a Sukkah, even if it's raining or really unpleasant. At the minimum, people will make kiddush, make motzi (the blessing over bread), eat a sufficient amount of the bread and then say the blessing after the meal, to continue eating the rest of the meal (without bread) indoors.

But this night was not rainy nor unpleasant. Just a tad chilly. So all were eating together under the stars and full moon, but separately in various sukkot.

This past Tuesday night, the sukkot were all empty as the rains poured down, but they still stood, timed lights shining against the rainfall. Some had tarps or ingenious covers on hinges over their s'gach, and I suspect others had tarps over the furniture. We had neither, but nothing in our sukkah would be harmed by water. No one has time to take their Sukkot down before Yom Tov, and some people still eat in it.

Some sukkot are down already, and I suspect the rest will be dismantled on Sunday.

As for me - I was playing post long yom tov catchup.

This morning, we had 42 pounds of laundry. We had not done laundry since the Monday before last, since one only does it if necessary during Chol Hamoed, and we had (barely) enough clothes and such to last, although I was running out of nice outfits, what with all the shul days. Suits are really useful for that.

And I went to the comic book shop. They've sold all the back issues, and will be closing on November 18.

And I got three weeks worth of comics. 20 of them.

Tonight, I'm making trout, baked potatoes and sugar snap peas, and I'm making them in a dairy kitchen, so I'll be using butter. :)

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