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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

lomedet asked a number of questions.

Are you Frum From Birth, or a Ba'alat Tshuvah?

BT. Although I'm the mistress of nothing, let alone something as important as tshuva.

If you're FFB, how did you discover fandom? NA

If you're BT, I'd love to hear as much as you care to share of what led
you to that particular set of life choices.

I think it's where I was heading most of my life before then. Except that I needed a way in, and Chabad scared me. Then I became part of Fandom and I met Modern Orthodox fans (waves to osewalrus and beckyfeld. And I also met jonbaker. I learned you could be religious without rejecting science. Or television. Or, especially, science fiction.

The rest is a long, slow journey I'm still making.


Thanks for sharing that. I had also wondered, and now I know (a little more).

wow. thank you for answering those so thoughtfully. It's so cool that you became religious (at least in part), through fandom.