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Dad dressed as Glinda

The trick-or-treaters started arriving at about 3:30 yesterday. They came in groups or pairs, with parents or nannies hovering in the background. The ritual went like this, at least for the little ones -

Tiny child walks up with mommy's encouragement. Everyone in office coos over the adorable bee/nun/cowboy/pirate/dinosaur/bear. I approach tiny child with candy. "What do you say?"

"Twickertweat." Sometimes it's shouted, sometimes it's whispered. Sometimes mommy or agents or I prompt more. I put candy in bag or plastic pumpkin. Mommy asks, "What do you say now?"

Kid says, "Thank you." Or doesn't because of shy attack and Mommy says it instead.

The nun, btw, sporting a huge crucifix, didn't need prompting for the magic phrase. She just said it over and over again. She was about three and so cute.

Once I asked, "What do you say?" and got "Thank you." back.

Someewhat older kids didn't need prompting for the first phrase, and even older kids could say "thank you" on their own.

Parents, some in costume, would drive strollers with costumed babies. And pretend it was the babies (often asleep) who were doing the trick-or-treating.

Or big brothers or sisters would ask for candy "for my brother."

Most common boy costumes? Darth Vader, worn without a mask, Batman from the most recent movie, Superman, and Robin from the cartoon series. Plus pirates, ninjas and that ghost with the distorted face. At one point, we had two or three groups in the office, and the two Robins with one group could be matched with the two Batmans (Batmen?)from the others.

Most common girl costumes? Dorothy. Various Disney princesses, with Snow White top of the list. Other sorts of princesses. Witches with spiderweb designs. One Dorothy came with parents in tow. Mom was dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West. Dad? Was Glinda. He claimed it was just what he'd worn to work.

Favorite candy was "Nerds."

I also saw vampires, one Harry and one Hermione, and a couple of race car drivers, and there were a couple of cops. And one teenager wore his Foodtown uniform.

Overheard lines. "Watch your wings!" "I just have to run home and get Leo's sword!"

It was fun and very cute.
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