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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I've added a few people since I asked this question last.

Jonathan and I are taking baby steps along the road to adoption. Would you want to be in that filter? Please comment here if you do.

ETA: If you're already on the filter, I'm not taking you off. This is for new folks.

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yes please

You were already there.

Do I need to comment to STAY on that filter? If so, count me in. If not, nevermind, nothing to see here, move along...

Moving along. Not taking anyone *off* the filter. :)

yes, please... :)

yes please

Yes, please, if I am not. I might have sources for useful info.

I was surprised you weren't.

Please feel comfortable to pick my brain, you know we are in the process of adoption and I've done tons of research.

Oh, I will.


I'm not sure if I saw this last time but if I'm not on the filter, then add me!

filter me in, please!

Yes, please.

Oops, reading backwards. Thank you.

Yes, please.

If I'm not already on it, I'd like to be.

I'm interested mama. Also, i'm thinking of visiting NY soon. Can I see you?

You already are. When are you coming?

Email me. mamadeb1963 at gmail dot com

If I'm not already on it, I'd like to be on that filter.

I'm surprised you weren't - batdina was.


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