Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


I did tape it, so I'll watch it again. Before I say anything about the episode, though - anyone notice the opening credits? Everyone male gets something medical - musculature, brain, spinal column, something. Cuddy gets electricity.

Cameron gets a pretty, scenic river. *Blink* She is just eye candy, then?

Sebastian annoyed me. Yes, his cause is just and good, and the drug companies should supply all the antibiotics and such that they can afford (with tax benefits so they can afford more.) It's good public relations, if nothing else. But the operative word there is "afford". If they give away too much, they will go out of business and then no antibiotics will be made. (And, yes, I think US drug prices are too high and I know we're subsidizing other nations.)

But allowing himself to get sicker to make a point - no. Far too dramatic. But Cameron ate it up, didn't she? She does love her men dying.

There must be a name for that condition.

And Foreman is so going to be House (with two functioning legs, one hopes) when he grows up.

Wilson was, as usual, adorable.

And House - my goodness, *stealing* that steak? I love the man, but that's low.
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