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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I did tape it, so I'll watch it again. Before I say anything about the episode, though - anyone notice the opening credits? Everyone male gets something medical - musculature, brain, spinal column, something. Cuddy gets electricity.

Cameron gets a pretty, scenic river. *Blink* She is just eye candy, then?

Sebastian annoyed me. Yes, his cause is just and good, and the drug companies should supply all the antibiotics and such that they can afford (with tax benefits so they can afford more.) It's good public relations, if nothing else. But the operative word there is "afford". If they give away too much, they will go out of business and then no antibiotics will be made. (And, yes, I think US drug prices are too high and I know we're subsidizing other nations.)

But allowing himself to get sicker to make a point - no. Far too dramatic. But Cameron ate it up, didn't she? She does love her men dying.

There must be a name for that condition.

And Foreman is so going to be House (with two functioning legs, one hopes) when he grows up.

Wilson was, as usual, adorable.

And House - my goodness, *stealing* that steak? I love the man, but that's low.


I thought Sebastian was annoying too. He was just so... self-righteous!

But the whole fake apology was very amusing. And Cameron needs to grow up, or something.

She does. She also need therapy.

Interesting. On "My LJ" it skips the cut and just posts the post as if you never put in the cut.

I'll have to be careful to only look at my friends view after HP comes out! (mind you, I'm going to the midnight show, but that's not the point... I like to be alone with my own thoughts about the movie for a few days.)

I noticed that, too.

You could simply not use that block until you see the movie.

Well, Cameron acts like eye candy half the time. I was really disappointed in her unprofessional behaviour, and I thought Sebastian was a total git. :D

I must have missed the steak-stealing, as I was hashing something out wrt the RPG while watching.

At the end I thought House and Wilson looked like they were practically ready to kiss--too much slash?

They're on line in the cafeteria. House has a steak on his plate; Wilson has only french fries.

House puts salad on his steak (nice looking mesclun, too.), referring to the steak as free.

When he gets to the cashier, the steak is buried under the greens. "I'm only having a salad today. Big breakfast."

As for Cameron as eye-candy. I liked her braid, but Cuddy is gorgeous. And, um. Many, many pretty men. Distracting. :)

Never too much slash.

Ahahahahahah. I wasn't looking at the screen when he said that about his meal so I didn't realise quite what was going on.

I think Cuddy is much prettier than Cameron (in general, I am more attracted to dark haired people)--but what I meant is that Cameron's behaviour can be so unprofessional, it would be easy to believe she's there as eye-candy/to get a man! The way she behaves, is it any wonder if people think she's not serious? You're really not supposed to moon over patients like that, it would so get her sacked here. (That is the problem with me and hospital shows. I always have this little voice in my mind saying what they can and can't do, because I've worked in hospitals most of my working life.)

I just lurve House/Wilson. I love House so much there is an NPC in LW who has been correctly identified as "OMG you made House a wizard!" There are very rarely any characters on TV that are of a suitable age for me to actually be seriously attracted to that I find at all appealing. Though, ew on the steak-stealing.

(Though he'd get what he deserved for it in our cafeteria--it's actually very expensive to get salads here, they sell them by weight. I am annoyed with the cafeteria. They gouge prices and they stopped selling kosher food, not that there ever was much of it there to begin with.)

Oh, my goodness.

House as a wizard. What a thought.

Am now imagining him interacting with various wizarding adults.

And. BWAH! House and Snape.

I was annoyed with it because there was no way a doctor working with TB patients in Africa would NOT have a positive PPD. There is also no way a dorctor working in hospital in New Jersey would NOT know that. So, I don't understand why Cameron gave him the test in the first place, or reacted like it meant anything.

Which is pretty much what House said at that point.

I can't imagine anyone watches this series for the medicine. I'm a total layperson and I still know it gets it wrong.

I'm still stuck on the fact that she ran the test at all, since it was completely pointless. And also in the area of pointless tests, I don't know why Foreman was so resistant to doing the biopsy in order to alleviate the fears of an obviously freaked out patient. Since it's not at all uncommon to do tests on people just to get them to calm down.

Well, for one thing, insurance companies give us hell about paying for them, at least where I work.

I suppose you could call it "Munchhausen's Syndrome by proxy", although that's not quite right. She has some kind of freaky Florence Nightingale deal going on.

She is creepy and I don't like her and normally I am the first person to bonk people who just randomly hate female characters in the shows they slash, but she is creepy, it's so obvious.

I agree.

Notice that no one is bonking Cuddy, and most of us would like to see more of her.

And it would be believable to have something between her and House.

Okay, I think she could find a happy medium between cleavage and bow-neck blouses, but that's just me.