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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So, I signed up for about twenty fandoms (including, so help me, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"), plus a few more specific pairings.

I'm just hoping that what I write will be as good as the stories I've read in the past.

(Oh, and in my head, it's Chanukahtide. 'Cause they're the same Gregorian date this year.)


(Oh, and in my head, it's Chanukahtide. 'Cause they're the same Gregorian date this year.)

You're tempting me to sign up... if I didn't hate Christmas so much...

I hate it, too. But the last couple of years have been harder because everyone else was doing *this*, and I so much wanted to. So, I'm doing it, and already I'm happier.

But you can't this year. You had to have written one of the leftover stories by October 31.

because everyone else was doing *this*
That's usually what makes me not want to do it the most actually. The assumption it should be universal without taking into account other affinities or backgrounds.
But anything that makes you happy is good ^^

Oh, I see. Missed that. Oh well... *shrugs*

The thing of it is, this is the sort of challenge I *do*. I've taken a break from it, but every so often, I go into birthday fic mode. That is, on people's birthdays, I ask them what pairing they want, and write them a story. My *only* condition is that I be familiar with the fandom(s). Or, sometimes, if I'm bored at work, I'll do the same thing - first person to comment gets a story.

Usually within an hour.

But Yuletide's the same thing, and it's something I love doing. And it's also like a big party. And I get bratty enough around December - denying myself this very fun thing made it worse, just because I hate the name and the timing.

So this year I'm joining the party, even if I'm not eating all the food.