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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

My husband left about 11:20, with laundry in tow, just as Gisella arrived.

A little while later, I left to go shopping. First I bought bread (my local bakery is selling whole wheat challah rolls! Yay!) and then fish (fresh tilapia filet. I'm going to bake it.) and then I went to the bank to deposit a pay check and get some cash. In between I had some pizza.

I walk up to the supermarket, and who should I see?

Jonathan. jonbaker. Apparently, after he dropped off the laundry, he decided to buy a book and take a walk. And then he wanted salads to go with the last night's leftovers he's having for lunch (fritatta, made by combining leftover linguini and meat sauce with eggs and baking.). So he went to our local supermarket, which has just put in a deli counter.

So I now know he'll be late tonight and will plan accordingly.


I make tilapia using the George Foreman grill, with a lemon-butter-herb sauce. I love it, but I'd love to have another recipe. What do you do when you bake it? ::curiouscurious::

You guys think I know what I'm doing? Ever? I make this stuff up as I go along. Just like the way I write.

Plan is to heat the oven to 400 or so, then spray a baking pan with Pam. I'll put the fillets on the pan, smooth side down, sprinkle on paprika and whatever other spices catch my eye (I think cajun blend might work) and maybe a pat of margarine, or spray them again. Then, um. Bake until they look done. However long that it - I'm guessing ten minutes. Serving it with fresh steamed broccoli plus frozen mixed veggies.