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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Another birthday story:

by kressel=Jane Austen/Jewish pastiche "canon" pairings. She provides a short explanation. It's not finished, but if you know Pride and Prejudice, you'll love it.

My birthday celebration:

Well, first of all, it was Shabbat, so that kinda tones it down anyway.

Friday night, after dinner, we went to a friend's house. Her birthdday is this coming Tuesday, so her husband planned a very nice surprise. He invited people to stop by after 7:15, which is dessert time. Hindi, who is a baalat hachnosis orchim - they take hospitality seriously and they never have an empty shabbos table, even when all three of their daughters are away - thought nothing of it. People were on an after dinner walk, they stopped by to say "Good Shabbos", and stayed to chat. Nothing unusual. The girls made sure we had tea.

And then they started pulling fruit out of nowhere and we all sang Happy Birthday, and she was delighted. We stayed about an hour and then went home.

I never left the house Shabbos day. I meant to, but my husband gave me two more books. One was Mark Crispin Miller's Fooled Again, about documented election...well. It made me very, very angry. The other was a book on cookbooks called Manly Meals and Mom's Home Cooking, and it was a lot of fun to read. And I read it all day. :)

After Shabbos, we went out to dinner - to a place that has been around for a couple of years but we'd never heard of until recently. It's called Grille de Paris, and it's a French-steak house. The restaurant itself is very pretty. It's a standard store-front size, with marble floor tiles and yellow and blue paint. Very bright and welcoming. The ceiling was fun - they'd installed tiny fiber-optic lights that changed colors, so it was like looking at a starry sky.

And it was empty. Totally empty. At 8:30, we were alone in the place. Which made us somewhat uncomfortable, as you can imagine.

The menu was extensive but when we asked about a veal dish, we were told no veal that night (and I'd so wanted osso bucco!)

We ended up sharing a grilled eggplant salad (warm eggplant, tomatoes, field greens and garlic slices) and a glass of shiraz. This was served in a brand snifter. It was delicious, though, with a spicy aftertaste.

I had duck l'orange, and he ordered steak au poivre, which he loves. And which this isn't. There was a rich brown sauce, but almost no peppercorns. He liked it, but it wasn't what he'd wanted. The duck was very nice. I took home half - anyone have ideas about what to do with 1/4 of a duck? They both came with whipped potatoes and grilled vegetables. I've gotten too used to my mashed potatoes, which I made with butter/margarine or milk, real or fake. These were almost too rich.

We were presented with the desert [sic] menu. And inside, we were told that all deserts [sic] came with pareve ice cream.

So what did we get? Espresso. :)

It was a pretty place, but the prices were more Manhattan than Brooklyn and the food wasn't at that level. We probably will not go there again.


Happy Belated birthday!

BTW, who wrote "Manly Meals and Mom's Home Cooking?"

thank you

Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you a nice relaxing enjoyable day.

Thank you!

...pareve ice cream? Does that actually taste good?

My parents eat fat free cream cheese. It scares me. What is in it?

I understand the need for pareve margarine, but for a pareve dessert I'll usually eat something Asian style and bean-based.

Pareve ice cream can actually taste good. Tofutti, for example, isn't bad. The main trick is to get chocolate. Or raspberry - something with a lot of flavor.

There are even some nice tasting sugarfree tofu ice cream bars. The coffee flavored ones are really good. Not like Ben and Jerry's Coffee ice cream (I had a spoonful once, and it was heavenly) but not bad.

I like fruit for dessert myself.

Ah, that makes sense. I've never had Tofutti, perhaps I should try it.

Fruit is always a lovely dessert--strawberries with a little sugar are my absolute favourite.

...did you request fic for your birthday? I missed the post, and now I feel rather embarrassed! Of course, I'm not sure you would like any of the things that I write...

I love kressel's fic with a great, wild love. She is not on my friendslist, so please let us know when she finishes it.

..did you request fic for your birthday? I missed the post, and now I feel rather embarrassed! Of course, I'm not sure you would like any of the things that I write...

*shrug* I did. However, my Hebrew birthday isn't until November 20th...:)

Isn't it wonderful? It got me from the very first line.

*dancing around house with joy*


You should.

And, since A. it's a parody and B. P&P is public domain, you should try to sell it afterwards.

Interesting idea. I would have thought it had too narrow an audience to sell.

I'm sorry. I've been so occupied with getting LW off the ground that I've missed a lot of posts from people I care about *hugs*.

Did you make specific requests?

Did I make specific requests?

Sort of. All my fandoms are listed in my interests. Gen or slash, and my big squick is body modifications, so not that.

Anything else is up to you.

I'd friend you, but I must admit, I was a bit put off by that "adult content" warning.

That's quite all right; I'm not offended either way. :D Not everyone likes my journal and not everyone who dislikes my journal dislikes me.

If it would help in making a decision, I do not post 'adult content' without a warning and cut-tag.

I completely respect the right of people who don't want to see erotica to avoid it--which is why I told people not to use that sort of icon in your journal when I recced your fic. But as I do write slash and other similar kinds of fiction, I don't want people to give me a hard time about it, so the warning is there.

You know, I got that disclaimer from someone else, and she decided after seeing this to rewrite it a bit less snarkily.

We both prefer the newer version. Let me know if you do too. And thank you muchly for letting me know that you found it offensive; you are not the sort of person I wish to offend.

I didn't find it snarky at all.

Hindi, who is a baalat hachnosis orchim - they take hospitality seriously and they never have an empty shabbos table,

I so want to get to that point. I'm working on it, but I'm not there yet.

Right. That you routinely cook for ten or more people means *nothing*.

*Grumbles at flist* This one thinks she's not a writer, that one thinks she doesn't do hospitality...silly silly people

Thank you for making the point I wanted to make. estherchaya's level of hachnossas orchim puts me to shame!

Happy birthday!
May it be the beginning of a wonderful year for you and Jonathan.

Thank you!

Yom huledet sameach! :) May this year bring you great joy.

I wanted to wish you a Yom Huledet Same'ach, a Joyeux Anniversaire, and a Happy Birthday :)

I tried to do an extra language for each day belated, but that's all I know ;)