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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I just went through my dresser. My summer things are all folded neatly in a box. My winter things (and some t-shirts I love) are folded neatly in the drawers. And I have a bag full of clothes to toss.

Yes, toss. I wear my clothes until they are either badly stained, torn or worn to shreds. This is a consquence of being clumsy (hence the stains), of hating to shop, and of, well, getting clothing that doesn't owe a thing to current fashion. So I can and do wear them for years. In any event, none of them are fit to give away.

My dresser drawers *close*. :)


I threw out half my wardrobe this summer.

All of these clothes that I had been dragging around for the last 15 years. Dating back to when I was in high school.

A lot of it didn't fit. A lot of wasn't in fashion, for the definition of fashion that says "wearable by a grown adult in the dc area". IE, my college era t-shirts and stuff.

And I donated some, sure. But way too much of it was like yours. Totally stained or ripped, or really just not donateable.

It's a great feeling. My drawers and closet actually have _space_

Isn't it a great feeling?

I figure - a couple more sweaters to go with the three new skirts I just bought,and maybe a denim skirt, and I'm good. And I'll still have room.

a) I missed your b-day, due to absentmindedness. I apologize & am glad you had a good one!

b) I really need to go through my stuff and pack up summery things and generally sort stuff out. I have a lot of jackets that ARE fit to give away, and are too big for me, and I suspect a similar number of skirts that are both too big for me and no longer my style.

Heh, it must be something in the air. I just went through and cleaned out all my old club clothes, including stuff I just couldn't bear to part with before. I loved that vintage velveteen jacket, but I can't even get my ARMS in it any more. That burgundy leather jacket was fabulous, but honestly never fit right. Etc.

I got $60 credit from the thrift store. *grin* I feel refreshed, and now I have spring shopping taken care of.

I did a similar purge a while back. Lots got tossed, as it was worn out. The stuff that I was able to donate was in good condition, and I really love quite a bit of it, but I couldn't make it fit anymore, so out it went. For the first time in years, I was getting rid of things that were too big, so I don't feel at all bad about no longer having some of my favorite clothing. I still have too much to fit in my drawers. I'm going to work on that soon.

Congratulations! Post-Katrina, I went through my closet, weeded, checked for spots , & sent stuff to a spot majkia knew of. $14 in postage.